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Many of our most moving prayers have been preserved in our religious traditions. We pray with folded hands and with raised hands; we kneel to pray, stand to pray, and prostrate ourselves; we raise our heads and bow our heads; we bow and genuflect and gesture; we chant our prayers, sing our prayers, count our prayers, whisper our prayers.

Each religion includes prayers of praise, prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of pleading, and of pure love. We pray to ask for protection and for blessings; we pray to express our wonder and awe; we pray to try and reach out to touch the hand of God. We pray in order to transform our selves - our minds, desires, motivations and expectations; to shake free from the limiting consciousness of our daily experience and awaken to conscious awareness of the divine within us and within all things.

Many of the prayers in religions are very long, meant for communal worship services. For this website I've sometimes taken shorter sections of these longer prayers to include in this more compact presentation to provide a brief glance at the prayers preserved for us in religious traditions.

Each religion has thousands of prayers. I have selected just a few here from each religion. I've included the Christian "Lord's Prayer", the Muslim Salat, the Jewish Shema, and the Hindu Charama Shloka, as these are most dear to those who cherish them. But the other prayers from each religion are the smaller prayers by which we seek to bring God into our lives and bring our lives into God's presence.

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