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This site is for those who are curious about God, intriqued by God, think about God, or are even just vaguely interested. It is for those who believe in or dis-believe in God, who name God as Allah, or as Yezdan, or as Adonai; as Holy Trinity, or Paramatma; as Jesus or Krishna. Whatever your name for God or belief about God, this site will have something for you.

There are things in life which are lovely, delightful or pleasing to see, or to taste, or to hear or touch. Some things are fascinating, intriguing or beautiful to think about. God is one of those things that we can't seem to get over thinking about — even if we don't even believe in his/her existence.

Join me in playing with ideas and thoughts that are interesting to think.

—— Mardi

This website is a constantly growing tree of thought. New pages will be added, new catagories, new subcatagories. The title of the page or catagory may be added before there are pages to which to link them. When the page or pages are ready, the link will become active.

So don't be frustrated about links that have not yet awakened; they are still in their gestation period of creation and will take birth in due course.

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