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Saints, sages, prophets, and enlightened souls all have told us that the ultimate reality, the true basis of existence, is spirit. The outer world we experience is simply a manifestation of the spirit, which underlies all things. It is the temporary fabric in which the spirit grows, travels, learns, and takes its shape, then leaves behind when it is fully formed.

Spirit tells us there is a reality at the core of our being, a reality that runs through the heart of every creature, every thing, every particle and movement of existence. Our living center wants only one thing: to experience that Reality as the place in which it dwells.

We sometimes call that Reality God; sometimes we call it Truth; sometimes the Essence of life; sometimes our truest Self. It is not the separate individual self each of us experiences but the indivisible universal Self that inhabits everyone and everything. It is the great mystery at the heart of existence.

When we listen to the voice of our spirit we sense our true fulfillment and satisfaction coming from God, from a Truth beyond the limited, the transitory, the material. It tells us that spirit is our essential nature, that God is our first and most perfect love. It tells us that nothing but love for God really matters in the end. All else is but a dim shadow of our soulís deepest longing. It calls us in a different direction. It captures our attention, sets us on a new course.

Our living center wants only one thing: to experience the environment of God himself; to literally live IN God. It's comfort and discomfort are in proportion to its experience of the presence of God. This does not mean it is happy in any particular religious tradition. The spirit of each one experiences God in its own way, unknown by anyone else. One person can never know what another person's spirit needs.

We say that God is invisible because we cannot see him with our physical eyes. But in fact he is really quite visible. The difficulty is that God is spiritual and we are spiritually blind, deaf and dumb. So the problem isn't with God but with ourselves. We are both material and spiritual beings. Yet we only see and hear and act at a material level of consciousness. We are unable to perceive even the smallest flicker of the entire spiritual aspect of the universe. The spiritual aspect of our being needs to awaken before we will be able to see and hear and act on a spiritual level

The purpose of each of our lives is to learn to become aware of spirit. To distinguish our sense of spirit from our sense of mind, of emotions, of body. Our spirit is in tune with its Essence, which is God. And if we learn to hear our spirit, we can learn to provide it with the environment in which it can thrive.

In fact, the whole purpose of everything in creation is to make our spirits feel the presence of God. We just have to learn how to be aware of spirit and allow it to make the decisions of what matters most for us.

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