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Hindu Prayers

Giving up all creeds, rituals, and practices I surrender to the Lord alone [who says] I will release you from your sins and give you liberation; do not despair or grieve.

On the absolute Reality and its facets, On that finest spiritual Light, we meditate - as Remover of obstacles - that it may inspire and enlighten us.

We meditate on that supreme eternal Reality, source of all that is, encompassing the worlds of the body, the mind, and the soul, abode of supreme joy; That radiating source of life with the brightness of the sun; That most adorable and desirable; we meditate on That luster and splendor, That Supreme Divine.

Lead us from Untruth to Truth, from Darkness to Light, from Death to Immortality. Om peace, peace, peace

Oh Lord of the whole Universe, Mighty Lord of the whole Universe, the agonies of your devotees, the sorrows of your devotees, in an instant, you make these go away, oh Lord of the whole Universe.

He who is immersed in devotion, with a mind without sadness, Lord, with a mind without sadness; joy and prosperity enter the home, joy and prosperity enter the home; a body free of problems; Oh Lord of the whole Universe.

Oh Lord of the Universe, You are my Mother and Father; with whom should I take refuge, Lord, with whom should I take refuge; without you, there is no other; without you, there is no other; for whom I would I wish, oh Lord of all the Universe.

Oh Lord of the Universe, You are the ancient supreme soul; You are the indweller Lord, you are the indweller; Perfect, Absolute, Supreme God; Perfect, Absolute, Supreme God You are the Lord of everything and everyone, oh Lord of the whole Universe.

Oh Lord of all the Universe, You are an ocean of mercy; You are the protector Lord, you are the protector; I am only a simpleton with wrong desires; I am a servant and you are the Lord; oh Lord, grant me your divine grace, Oh Lord of the Universe.

You are the one unseen of all living beings, the Lord of all living beings; grant me a glimpse; grant me a glimpse; guide me along the path to thee, oh Lord of the Universe

Friend of the helpless and feeble, benevolent saviour of all, Lord, benevolent saviour of all; lift up your hand, offer me thy refuge at thy feet, oh Lord of the Universe

Removing earthly desires, defeating sin, Supreme Soul, Lord, defeating sin, with all my faith and devotion, Oh Lord,With all my faith and devotion, in eternal service unto Thee, oh Mighty Lord of the whole Universe.

O Lord, kindly forgive all the wrongs I have done by my actions and by my failures to act, whether I committed them knowingly or unknowingly, with my hands, feet, words, ears, eyes, or mind. Glory to you, Greatest Divine, who is the ocean of kindness and compassion, and the cause of happiness.

O Divine Mother, neither father, mother, husband, wife, children nor friends are eternally mine. Knowledge, intellect, mind and will are also impermanent. O Mother of the universe, You alone are my saviour and my eternal refuge.

I do not know prayers or how to pray; I do not know how to perform either devotions or worship; I do not know how to invoke your name; I do not know how to meditate; I do not know how to implore deep pleading. But I do know only this one thing: that if I follow you, then within the folds of your love, I will be released from all my troubles.

O Lord you are the Giver of life, Remover of pain and sorrows, Bestower of happiness; may we receive the supreme sin-destroying light of the Creator of the universe; may You guide our intellect in the right way.

May the most gracious, brilliant, all-pervading Lord be ever for our desired happiness and perfect bliss and may His blessings be on us from all sides.

O Lord, the Life-Breath of all, Dispeller of miseries, Giver of true bliss, Creator of the universe, the Ultimate Reality, all-pervading God, purify and strengthen my understanding, my vision, speech, heart, sexual urge and feet: all the organs of my body so that it may perform its normal functions and activity in the service of humanity.

O Lord, You are he Revealer of the true knowledge of the scriptures. All things great and small, organic and inorganic, the whole universe, the entire creation serve as signals to lead us on to Your glory.

May He, Who is the Soul of the whole universe, Who is all-pervading, Who is free from all hatred and attachments, Wh helps the righteous and noble, reveal His own Self in our hearts.

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