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the One who is everywhere and in everything

How else could That One who is beyond all names and forms, from whom every name and form derives its very existence, be infinite, if there were somewhere It was not. How could That be the source of all existence if It did not encompass male and female, high and low, good and bad, life and death, strong and weak, intelligence and ignorance.

God is the name we give to the nameless absolute Reality from whom all things come, to whom all return, in whom all experience existence. God is the ultimate, eternal, self-existent singular Reality who bestows reality on all that we experience and imagine as real.

That One eternal perfection of being is beyond all names used to name him, yet fully inhabits every name given to her. And every form comes forth from That infinite formlessness that is God. He-She is the One with unlimited names who brings forth unlimited forms.

God cannot be confined by distinctions of this or that, of gender or race, of value or valueless, of significant or insignificant. That ultimate Source of all qualities and characteristics must include both he and she and all else that is neither he nor she. For any attribute of the created order, to come from God, it must already eternally exist as an aspect of God's own nature.

That ground of all being cannot be bound or conditioned by time or space; time and space are bound and conditioned by the Reality that is God.

God, as Infinite Being as such, is beyond all differentiation of forms, characteristics and qualities. Yet all forms, attributes and qualities have their origin and source, their sustenance and being from God, in God, through God. Nothing has any existence or attributes apart from God.

From God all things come into being, are preserved, and become each a minute, unique manifestations of some aspect of God's nature and being.

God is without form and yet is the living core of every form and being. God is without attributes and yet is the source of all qualities and attributes. God permeates all things and beings; God is at the heart of all creation, singing his reality through everything.

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