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names of God

• God • Elohim •Allah •
•Parvardigar • Yezdan • Jehovah •
•Yhwh • al Rahim •Paramatma • Ahuramazda •
•Wakan-Tanka • Jaganatha • Tunkasila • Grandfather •

The Divine Ultimate Absolute Reality that is beyond all names has been given a thousand beautiful names.

Each language has its own name for God and every religion has multiplied that name with all the attributes and traits by which it defines the Divine.

All things are within God and God is within all things. Everywhere we turn, there is God; we are always searching, in everything, for that ultimate Reality. We see the Divine Presence as beauty and name God Beauty; we see that Supreme Perfection as strength and name God Strength.

The ancient Jewish prophets said that we are the ones who give names to all we encounter. And so we name God again and again as we move through our lives, coming upon That Essence of Being everywhere and in everything.

The names of God are without number because they constitute the infinite number of ways in which we discover the Divine who inhabits all things and who transcends all things.

Like the blind men with the elephant, no one people, culture, religion or age of humanity can ever fathom the Unfathomable that is God. We cannot comprehend That which is, in Its very essence, beyond our conceptual range of awareness.

Though we cannot know God as he is, all things have come from God and so everything manifests some aspect that is God's. We have only to look for that trace of the Original Divine Light in everything around us.

Yes, there is darkness and brokenness and distortion - but there is always also somewhere the light of God. Each time we find the light, we name God again in joyous recognition.

earth is crammed with heaven
and every bush aflame with God
but only those who see take off their shoes
Elizabeth Barrette Browning

To each one, to each time, to each place God comes in the ways that each can recognize, each can know and understand. In every moment of time, every particle of matter, every trace of energy or thought, God manifests continually. Each tiny aspect that we see and recognize as that All-encompassing Reality, we name, again and again and again.

The names we give to God are the garments our hearts stitch together for God to wear so that we can imagine that we can see, can touch, Divinity. And God, the infinite transcendent invisible Beloved of all hearts, puts on the clumsy, inadequate constructs of our finite minds, and lets us find him and name him in whatever ways we are capable of.

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