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Jewish Names of God

The names of God in Judaism are often considered so holy that even to write or speak them is to corrupt them with our human imperfections and our inadequacy to approach that Holy One who stands above all else.

Some communities of Jews will distinguish between the names of God as such, the ones that he has spoken and named Himself, from the names that we have given to Him to describe our limited understanding of Him. Often Jews will refer to the name of God rather than speak or write it.

The Ineffable Name
The Extraordinary Name
The Distinguished Name
The Incommunicable Name
The Living One
The Self-existing
The Self-sufficient
My Lord
The Creator
The One who is to be revered
The One who gives refuge
Transcendent Lord
Most High God
God Almighty
Everlasting God
Living God
God of Seeing
God of Israel
God of strength
Lord of Hosts
The Merciful
The Gracious
The Faithful
God of Peace
King of Kings
The Ancient One
The Majesty
The Omnipresence
The Infinite
The Endless
The Mighty One
Master of the World
Our Father
The Eternal One
The God of Abraham
The God of Isaac
The God of Jacob
The Author of Life
The One who overpowers
The All-Powerful
The One Supreme
Guardian of Israel
Supplier our need
The Glory of God
Our Security
Our King
The Strong One
Our Hero
Our Warrior
The Truth
The Holy One
Shield of Abraham
The Lord who heals
The Lord my Shepherd
The Lord our Righteousness
The Lord who is Present
Rock of Israel
The God of Sarah
The God of Rebecca
The God of Leah
The God of Rachel
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