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The ancient Hindu sages have given us the most comprehensive and wonderful vision of God, the universe and ourselves. God is the singular uncreated Reality from which all existence has emerged, in whom it exists and into whom it eventually returns.

The absolute Oneness is like an infinite ocean of light without a shore, eternal, self-existent, outside of time and space. Yet time and space emerge within it, exist in it for a fleeting moment. All that is has materialized as drops in that ocean, each manifesting some particular unique qualities and characteristics of the Infinite Reality of the One Divine Ocean in which it exists.

God is everywhere and in everything; every molecule of the universe is a sacred manifestation of God. We can find and worship God in everything and everyone around us, knowing that God is present in everything.

We inhabit God and God inhabits all that is; yet nothing is conscious of God. Even when, as humans, we have evolved into a full capacity for conscious awareness of ourselves and everything else, we have not turned that consciousness toward the infinite light in which we reside and which resides within us.

The bliss of the infinite ocean of God is within every being, particle and ripple of the universe. Yet our consciousness is caught up in the endless cycles of desires, fears, anticipations, disappointments, expectations that make up our life. We are encased in a bubble of our own making. We identify our self with that bubble of experiences, never recognizing the divine spark that resides at the core of our being.

The journey of the soul is extraordinarily long, as we accumulate lifetimes of experiences we repeatedly mistake for our true self. But there are spiritual paths that will lead us out of these entanglements in which we continually lose our selves. Each is suited to particular types of personality, temperament, and life experience. They are means by which we can change our angle of vision, rearrange our direction of consciousness, dismantle the mazes we are continually constructing, and awaken the conscious experience of God permeating everything.

When we experience that essence of our true self, that drop from the very ocean that is God, all the fabricated worlds we have created with our minds evaporate like a dream in the morning light, and we realize our true identity with absolute ultimate Reality Itself.

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