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Islam is the paramount reminder that God alone is the One Supreme Truth, the One without a second, the Only One worthy of worship. It has made us recognize that all who worship the One Supreme God, are all worshipping the same One God. There is no “my God” and “your god”, but One God.

It pulls us back from all the other things to which we give our focus, our desires, our motivations, our energies and returns us to the awaress that God is alone worthy of our undivided attention. God alone encompasses the complete realization of our humanity. Only God can fully satisfy our desires, wholly gratify our energies, and entirely reward the focus of our attention. It reminds us of our true purpose and meaning in life, that which alone ultimately matters.

Islam reminds us that we have been placed in the world for a reason; given a unique opportunity and responsibility. We are not here simply to indulge our desires but to care for all things as God’s agents. We do not rule the earth; we do not own the earth; we are given the inestimable blessing and privilege of being the stewards of God’s intentions and desires on earth. When we seek to live out our special capability, we find the deep delight and fulfillment of our own souls flowing through our being.

We are born with an inner sense of truth, a deep inborn memory that we have come from God, have our life through God, and return to God. Nothing can erase this memory, but the many desires clamoring for satisfaction can cause us to forget as we chase after the ephemeral tinsel of this transient, changeable life.

The memory of who we are is like a thread tying us to God – a thread sewn into our hearts that tugs at us to return from our roving and find the truth of our being with God. All of creation is there to remind us. All of the conditions and events of our lives are there to remind us. The prophets and saints are there through the ages to remind us. There is a song deep within, the chords, the silent music of the heart, that continually draws us back into the mysterious gladness of remembering who we really are.

Our life is meant to be a singing, an acceptance, a surrender that awakens the innermost soul to its true meaning and destiny. God is the one true beloved of the soul; we find our most all-encompassing humanity in being faithful to the love and trust he has placed in us.

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